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Where your safety isn’t just our priority – it’s our passion. With a legacy of over 50 years in the industry, we’re not just experienced; we deliver excellence. Discover the gold standard of fire & security services with Scope!

Your fire and security Team.

Our team, a powerhouse of talent based in the North of England, is the backbone of Scope Fire & Security. Every member, from the experts who meticulously design your security systems to those ensuring your installations are seamless and robust, plays a pivotal role. And it doesn’t end there.

Our team also ensures that post-installation, repairs, and ongoing servicing are up to the mark, abiding by the most recent regulations and industry standards. Their proficiency isn’t just on paper – it’s evident in every task they undertake.

The crowning jewel? Our recent accolade: The BIBAS Service Business of the Year 2023. While awards are a delightful recognition of our efforts, they’re also a testament to the hard work, dedication, and expertise of our remarkable team.

This award is not just a feather in our cap; it’s a reminder of the relentless pursuit of excellence that our team embodies.

Our Scope.

Here at Scope Fire and Security the safety and satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of everything we do.

With over 50 years’ industry experience we offer a service provision of the highest quality. With fully qualified staff based across the North of England, Scope offer a wide range of security and life safety solutions to meet your needs.

From design through to installation, repairs and ongoing servicing, our in-house experts will ensure a fully operational and effective system compliant to the latest regulations and industry standards.

We’ll provide the right solutions to ensure you are safe and fully compliant, and our ongoing guidance and support will ensure you stay that way.

Our Process.

Following each enquiry we offer a free of charge site survey, risk assessment and consultation to help identify your needs and understand your requirements.

Visiting your site allows us to review your premises, your site activity and building use and the contents you are protecting.

We will then offer recommendations and solutions directly tailored to your needs, ensuring they satisfy any insurance company conditions and Fire Risk Assessment requirements where applicable.

Whether we are designing and installing a new system or upgrading or servicing an existing one, becoming a Scope maintenance customer brings many benefits.

“While safeguarding lives is at the core of our mission, we equally embrace our responsibility to give back to the community and support meaningful causes.

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility reflects our belief that security and community support can go hand in hand.

We’re dedicated to protecting not only our clients but also to nurturing the communities and charitable organisations we are a part of.”

Scott Chapman – Managing Director


With a commitment to both safeguarding lives and protecting the planet, we have seamlessly integrated sustainable practices into our core operations.

One of the key pillars of this eco-friendly approach is the adoption of energy-efficient technologies in our security systems. By installing smart sensors and utilising renewable energy sources, we not only enhance security measures but also reduce our carbon footprint. Additionally, we take an eco-conscious stance when sourcing materials for installations, often favouring suppliers with environmentally responsible practices.

This not only ensures the longevity and quality of our security solutions but also contributes to a greener supply chain. We also actively promote recycling and waste reduction within our whole organisation, demonstrating a holistic commitment to sustainability.