December 4, 2020

Do my school security procedures meet Ofsted regulations?.

It’s hard to imagine a time when safeguarding in schools meant anything other than enforcing pupils to wear a face mask, socialise within a bubble and walk in a single file.

I’m sure we can all agree that COVID-19 has thrown a spanner in the works for most establishments (to put it lightly), but schools, colleges and other educational facilities had a duty of care to create a safe environment for pupils long before the pandemic began.

In fact, having the right procedures and security systems in place is an Ofsted regulation, as well as a government requirement. If they suspect a possible breach of security, Ofsted inspectors can actually mark your school down.

So, what is Ofsted looking for?

Ofsted inspectors look beyond quality of education. Health & safety, and general security of the grounds and school building are equally important factors in determining the standard of a school.

In order to adhere to guidelines laid out by governing bodies, security measures such as access control, emergency lighting, fire procedures, alarm systems and CCTV must be carefully considered:

  • Does your facility have a type ‘A’ alarm system, monitored by a central monitoring station?
  • Do you have an adequate fire detection system?
  • Is your CCTV placed out of reach?
  • Does it provide clear facial recognition?
  • Do you have lighting to support the operation of CCTV?
  • Does the main entrance of your school building have some degree of access control?
  • Do you have the facility for immediate response to security breaches?

How Scope can help

Having reliable, compliant security systems and procedures in place can mean the difference between a good Ofsted score and an outstanding one, but more importantly, it will create a safe and comfortable space for pupils to learn.

The team at Scope are experts in the design and installation of all types of school security systems, and we can work around your needs and obligations to keep your school safe. We know that getting used to new technologies can be difficult, so we also provide training and aftercare to make the transition as smooth as possible.

For the full Scope, please call 03300884647 and speak to a member of the team.

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