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We provide an array of security devices that can be fitted to control your automatic door activation and help you design, specify, install and maintain your automatic security doors which are available as sliding doors, swing doors or revolving automatic doors.

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Enhance Access Control and Visitor Experience with Automated Door Solutions.

Scope Fire & Security automated door solutions assure that your business or institution will safely welcome legitimate visitors, deter those who are unwelcome, and help maintain an optimal climate of your preference.

A smooth welcome for visitors, improved safety and accessibility for disabled people, and a reduction in energy consumption due to prompt opening and closing are just a few of the benefits of an automated door system.

Automatic doors ensure you have a high level of access control to your property and here at Scope Fire & Security, we work with you to customise these to your unique needs. Our team of experts will ensure you’re getting the perfect automatic door solution for your property.

IMPROVE Security, Accessibility, and Energy Efficiency with Automatic Doors.

Automatic door solutions offer benefits, significantly contributing to energy conservation, bolstering security measures, and enhancing accessibility.

These systems are environmentally conscious and financially prudent, as they reduce energy consumption by efficiently opening and closing, minimising heat or cool air loss. Their swift and controlled operation enhances security by preventing unauthorised access while ensuring seamless entry for authorised individuals.

Additionally, automated doors significantly improve accessibility, particularly for disabled individuals, as they eliminate physical barriers and provide a smooth and barrier-free passage, fostering inclusivity and convenience for all.

Customer Thoughts.

Exceptional customer service is central to our ethos. In every interaction, we strive to surpass our customers’ expectations, ensuring they receive unparalleled care and attention.
Another first class installation by your boys. Very neat work. As always your engineers are great with our customers. Pass onto Andy, Mike & Jamie my thanks for doing a great job.

Mick Scaddon – Senior Technical Manager

Thank you very much for completing the fitting of our new alarm system. We’re very happy with the new system which is far superior to the old system. The Mrs is happy that we will be able to take it with us if we move house in the future.

Richard Wilson

I’m writing on behalf of the directors of the Masonic Assembly Rooms Ltd just to say how pleased we were with all aspects of your work when you recently upgraded our fire alarm and emergency lighting systems.

Masonic Assembly Rooms – Padiham

Thanks for the brilliant service! The alarm system you have installed in our shop meets all our needs perfectly and I am particularly pleased with how neat and unobtrusive the installation has been.

Lee Oheley – LuLu’s Kitchen