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Our Access Control Systems can be integrated into Fire Alarm Systems, Security Systems, Building Management Systems and full IT networks with the latter providing a full user access history and entry/exit event log.

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Controlling Physical Access in and around your premises.

An Access Control System (ACS) is a critical component of security infrastructure designed to regulate and manage access to a particular location, such as a building, facility, or network. The primary goal of an Access Control System is to ensure that only authorised individuals can enter the premises while denying access to unauthorised personnel. Here’s a detailed elaboration on the statement you provided:

Access control systems manage physical access to various locations, including office buildings, industrial facilities, residential complexes, data centres, and more. These systems are critical in places where security is a top priority.

Types of Controlled Access Points:

    • Doors: Access control systems can manage doors, electronically locking and unlocking them based on permissions.
    • Gates and Barriers: Access control can also extend to gates and barriers for properties with parking areas or restricted vehicle entry.
    • Telephone and Video Entry Systems: These systems are often used in residential complexes or smaller office buildings. Visitors can call a resident or office via an intercom system, and occupants can grant or deny access remotely.

Customer Thoughts.

Exceptional customer service is central to our ethos. In every interaction, we strive to surpass our customers’ expectations, ensuring they receive unparalleled care and attention.
Another first class installation by your boys. Very neat work. As always your engineers are great with our customers. Pass onto Andy, Mike & Jamie my thanks for doing a great job.

Mick Scaddon – Senior Technical Manager

Thank you very much for completing the fitting of our new alarm system. We’re very happy with the new system which is far superior to the old system. The Mrs is happy that we will be able to take it with us if we move house in the future.

Richard Wilson

I’m writing on behalf of the directors of the Masonic Assembly Rooms Ltd just to say how pleased we were with all aspects of your work when you recently upgraded our fire alarm and emergency lighting systems.

Masonic Assembly Rooms – Padiham

Thanks for the brilliant service! The alarm system you have installed in our shop meets all our needs perfectly and I am particularly pleased with how neat and unobtrusive the installation has been.

Lee Oheley – LuLu’s Kitchen