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Whether it’s safeguarding your property, upgrading your home with smart features, or enhancing your business’s security, Scope is your trusted partner. Join us today, and experience the difference in safety, efficiency, and peace of mind. Your future begins with Scope.

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Regardless of the manufacturer, model, age or current maintainer, Scope can take over the maintenance cover of your existing system. This is applicable to any of the system services we offer and includes your Intruder Alarm System, Fire Detection & Alarm System, Portable Fire Extinguishers, CCTV and Access Control Systems.

Switching is easy and your Scope Account Manager will take you through the entire process. Our engineers will also upgrade your current system monitoring unit to the latest technology as part of the process.

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Get the full Scope.

Contact the Scope Team and arrange for a free of charge survey and consultation to be conducted. As part of this visit we will review your existing systems, building use, the contents you are protecting and your service requirements.

If required we will also help you review any existing contracts or agreements you may have with other suppliers and advise you on the best process to navigate these.

Once you have an agreed termination date with your current supplier your Account Manager will coordinate a slick and efficient switchover and our engineers will ensure your systems are fully operational and that your maintenance and monitoring cover (if applicable) remain active throughout the process.

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The team at Scope ensured we were transferred over effectively with no interruption to our monitoring services. The team are great and ensure we are updated as and when required and we have total confidence and trust in their knowledge and ability. It really is night and day in comparison to our previous supplier. Very happy we made the switch.  

Dave Foley – Head of Operations
We had so many problems with our previous supplier, it was pretty exasperating. Since switching to Scope however, it has really been like a breath of fresh air. I can now relax knowing that are security and fire safety systems are being maintained effectively and competently and the service team will update me with anything that I need to know.
Craig Robinson – Head of Aftersales
We feel much more secure and valued with Scope as our service provider. The attention to detail and proactive service is excellent and I know that if I need anything or have any questions, they are immediately contactable and clarity will be provided right away
Hannah Jay – Executive PA and Governance Secretary

We feel in good hands with Scope. The after sales and service communication has been clear and we have been updated every step of the way. The engineer came and introduced himself and at the end of the visit explained what items needed actioning to keep the system operating at its optimum. He also made some recommendations against the latest standards and explained that although these were not mandatory, how they would improve elements of our fire safety. The following day the service team sent over the maintenance certification and engineering reports with the same clarity and information for our records. 

Lynne Weyer – Quality & Compliance Safety Manager 

Very happy that we made the Switch to Scope. Its satisfying to partner with a local business that can provide the support and attention we require. The switch was handled seamlessly without any disruption and we now receive the consistently high level of service we expect.

David Eddison – Operations Director

Im delighted we made the switch to Scope. Their service levels are outstanding and you can feel how much they really care. I have total confidence in their ability and service.

Mark Ormerod – Director

Switching to Scope was a pivotal decision for Star Tissue. Their expertise in high-level beam detection repair and the seamless installation of the new flame detection camera has reinforced our commitment to unparalleled safety standards. Partnering with Scope has been a game-changer
Mark Melling – Compliance Manager

Switching to Scope has been a breath of fresh air. Their organisation and impressive levels of communication shine through and we now have complete confidence in our Fire Safety partner.

Jamie Dunstall – Group Maintenance Manager

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