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What is the Point of a Maintenance Contract?

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What are you getting from your fire safety maintenance contract?

“Legal compliance” may be your initial response to that question. But does the law actually state that you must have a maintenance contract in place with anyone?

Don’t bother Googling it. The answer is no.

There is no legal requirement to have a maintenance contract in place with any fire safety company.

Wait. What?

“But you’re a company that provides fire safety maintenance contracts”, you may say. “Why would you say you don’t need one?”

Well, simply because it’s true and we like to tell you the truth. Legally, you don’t need a maintenance contract in place. But, you do have a legal requirement to make sure there is a “…suitable system of maintenance in place”.

So, you could do it yourself. There’s probably a YouTube video on how to do it, or some guy in the pub could give you a few pointers.

Now, if you’re still reading this, you probably take your responsibilities a lot more seriously than Dean in the Lamb & Flag does.

And that’s good. Because we do too. We take your fire safety extremely seriously, which is why our maintenance contracts give you the peace of mind that you are fully legally compliant.

But it’s not only the legal compliance you get with a service contract. Keeping all your equipment up to date brings other benefits. For example, how much would it cost your business if you had a false alarm and evacuated the building? Do you want your staff working or gathering on the car park for a roll-call? Inevitably the disruption caused by a false alarm ripples on for some time after the initial evacuation while people have a chat and get back to their workstations.

False alarms also annoy your neighbours. Mainly if your premises are in a residential area. A single defective sensor won’t cost you much to repair. But, buying your neighbours gifts to apologise for waking them up, again, is an expensive pastime!

Don’t forget about the warranties on your systems as well. If they aren’t regularly serviced and maintained, it could invalidate the warranty, costing more in the long-run.

What do we offer in our contracts?

• Clarity
After our initial inspection of all your systems, we will clearly document our findings. You will know if any issues are mandatory (you have to fix them) or advisory (there’s no legal requirement, but we advise you rectify).

• Transparency
There are no hidden extras in our contracts. You will know exactly what we cover and what you’re paying for. If any additional work needs doing, we’ll advise the cost and explain the scope of work.

• Confidence
If your system is covered by a Scope maintenance contract, you can relax, knowing it’s in safe hands. Our customers know that they are legally compliant and can focus their time on the job they’re supposed to be doing, while we do the same with their systems.

As for the detail, our standard contracts provide:

• Periodic servicing visits throughout the year to ensure correct operation of the system.
• An “always on”, 365 days per year, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week advice line.
• Emergency callout facility, 365/24/7
• Same day callout facility with an agreed appointment time
• Reduced labour rates both in and out of office hours

When it comes to your system, you don’t need to have one of ours. We can take over the maintenance and servicing of any other system. So, if you feel you’re not getting value from the service contract of the original installer, don’t panic. Changing is easy, and we’ll take all the hassle away.

Call us now on 03300884647 to see how Scope maintenance cover can provide you with increased peace of mind whilst also reducing your current costs.


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