Ribble FM

Scope Fire & Security are delighted to assist Ribble FM with a recent security review and upgrade of their existing systems to incorporate newly available technology. Ribble FM are an integral part of the community and carry out amazing work in our local area, particularly over the last few months in organising food donations for key workers and those in need. It always extra special working with local businesses and it was an honour to work with the Ribble FM team to help them find the ideal solution to their needs.  

What is the Point of a Maintenance Contract?

What are you getting from your fire safety maintenance contract? “Legal compliance” may be your initial response to that question. But does the law actually state that you must have a maintenance contract in place with anyone? Don’t bother Googling it. The answer is no. There is no legal requirement to have a maintenance contract in place with any fire safety company. Wait. What? “But you’re a company that provides fire safety maintenance contracts”, you may say. “Why would you say you don’t need one?” Well, simply because it’s true and we like to tell you the truth. Legally, you...